October 25, 2022

What Is The Best Note-Taking App for Students? 

Information comes in diverse formats, and students need accurate tools to organize and process data digitally. Both teachers and students need note-taking apps to secure critical information about their research.

PDF editors, for instance, allow you to create fillable PDF, which helps conduct research inquiries and interviews. The best note-taking apps should offer note-taking capability, easy-of-use, and compatibility with most devices.

There are a lot of note-taking apps on the internet. If you’re unsure what to look for in these apps, consult our guide to find the best note-taking apps for students.


Bit.ai is a note-taking tool to boost students’ ability to take and organize notes during their studies. You can group files and documents into Workspaces, the dream teacher app for educators at every level.

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This tool promotes collaborative learning by allowing students and teachers to work on assignments and research in real-time. Teachers can highlight areas for change for students to make changes, fostering remote grading opportunities.

Instead of creating text-based notes, teachers can insert photos, URLs, explainer videos, and PDFs for improved visual learning. When conducting research, you can use Bit.ai to embed spreadsheets, images, and audio recordings for an enriching experience.


Notion is probably the most flexible note-taking tool to appear on the market. Unlike other note-taking apps, it provides excellent media-embedding and preview tools, allowing you to create new templates from anything.

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Notion offers a hybrid editor which lets you type notes in Markdown or use standard keyboard shortcuts and UI elements to format text. With a free personal account, students get up to 5MB of file storage to take notes.

Although you cannot use this tool offline, you can gather documents, website links, and images as you roam the internet for data. If you want to start assembling text and media for your research paper immediately, you should install the best PDF tool and start editing.


OneNote is another popular and intuitive note-taking software powered by Microsoft Office. This digital notebook allows you to insert photos, URLs, and documents on a page. You can also organize many pages in your OneNote app.

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With Microsoft OneNote, teachers can insert assignment instructions and student tips in notes on the app and share viewing access with students. Learners can also add diagrams and audio or video recording for an enriching learning experience.

Another thing that students would love is the stylus feature that allows you to type or write by hand. This free note-taking app integrates best with applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also install it across iOS and Android devices.


EverNote is a robust note-taking tool for converting handwritten notes into digital notes and saving clipped articles from the web. Among many features, students can you EverNote to transform PDFs, PowerPoints, and Spreadsheets into editable files.

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EverNote provides a scanner for mobile that allows you to convert printed pages into digital formats. Its optical character recognition feature captures text on paper and turns it into searchable text.

This tool allows you to organize stacks, notebooks, notes, and tags. Unless you’re not deterred by the pricing and EverNote’s 60MB limit, you can use the free plan to make class notes, important reminders, and even fun thoughts.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is another excellent tool for making notes and organizing text on your devices. It has a solid set of editing features for both students and teachers to record, draw, and annotate text on documents.

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You can open PDFs and make changes directly on files using highlighters, brushes, and shapes. Lumin allows students to assign research questionnaires in PDFs so others can fill PDF with relevant data.

This cloud-based software lets you access PDFs and other files anywhere on your device. You can secure your notes by locking your files with passwords, encryption keys, and digital signatures.


Notability is an ideal app for staff and students at work, school, or home. Teachers can use the annotation tools to provide feedback on assignments, grade student papers, and highlight gray areas for corrections. This is one feature of the best PDF for student apps delivered for free.

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Notability is a versatile app for recording speeches, typing text, or using the Apple Pencil on your iPad. It’s not just limited to iOS users but can be integrated with DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Apple Notes

If you’re using iOS and macOS devices, you can enjoy using Apple Notes to capture text and media notes on the go.

This app is connected to your iCloud and allows you to format scanned documents with ease. Anything from checklists, tables, images, Apple Map geotags, and audio recordings can be kept on this cross-platform tool.

However, this student app for note-taking doesn’t provide hybrid Markdown features. Still, students can easily organize their notes into a system of folders for easy access.

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Obsidian is an offline note-taking tool with a Markdown editor for making notes. This app allows students to customize things like writing their Obsidian plugins and turning off features to suit their note-taking needs.

Like any intuitive student tool, Obsidian allows you to insert links between pages and lets you make changes to previous research. It will enable you to view graphical connections between your notes.

Obsidian seems like a highly technical notebook app, but you’ll enjoy it once you understand how to use it. With the Obsidian Sync paid feature, you can find your notes across your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

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Zoho Notebook

Zoho is a virtual notebook app that helps students store their notes in different notebooks on the app. Instead of using physical notebooks, you can use different colors, fonts, and sizes to classify your digital class notes.

With Zoho, you can categorize checklists, text, audio notes, sketches, and document notes into different folders. Apple users can use tags to sort notes into folders. And most importantly, Zoho allows you to sync devices on the cloud for easier collaboration. Students who love to back up their files and co-research with others will find this app useful.

Google Keep

Keep Notes is Google’s initiative to provide a note-taking app within its Google Workspace. With your Google account, you can access this simple, cross-platform tool to make and store notes on the cloud.

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Even though Google Keep provides few organization features, its interface appears like a wall of sticky notes. On the bright side, you can locate saved notes on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Google Keep is perfect for students who want to compile simple lists, notes, and links while researching. Afterward, you can use a PDF maker online to construct your notes into comprehensive PDF documents. Google Keep is also accessible on Android, iOS, and the Web.


Rather than relying excessively on Word and Google Docs to create documents, you can easily reach out to note-taking apps on your smartphone. These tools allow you to organize notes into folders and connect to the cloud. If you’re looking for the best tools, you can start with the Lumin PDF editor. This tool lets you annotate documents, add sticky notes, and convert PDFs

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