April 3, 2019

How to Prep Your Apartment for a Romantic Evening 

Going out is always nice, but sometimes the most romantic evenings happen when you stay in. A romantic evening in your apartment gives you more time to talk and enjoy the company of your significant other, while also introducing your date to your own space. Yet for that romantic evening to be a success, you need to do a little planning. Here are some tips to make it a night to remember, all without going out.

Set the Mood

First, consider how you will decorate to set the mood. Think about your favorite upscale dining location. What do they have that you don’t have at in your apartment home? White tablecloths, candles, and lowered lighting are all part of the atmosphere at a romantic restaurant. Consider some fresh flowers and add a pleasant scent to the air to further improve the overall ambiance.

Buy a Gift

Up the level of romance by buying a gift for your loved one. It can be something small, but this token shows that you’ve put your love’s needs first. Even a homemade item if your budget is tight will add a touch of thoughtfulness to the evening.

Plan the Right Food

You’ve put in a lot of effort into planning this romantic evening in, so why would you ruin it with boring food? Consider setting up an at-home wine tasting, then exploring some new cuisine with your meal. Not a chef? Use a home delivery meal service or a service that will send the ingredients right to your door along with cooking instructions! Make sure the food is tasty and attractive at the same time. Remember, everything you add to the evening is adding to its ambiance.

Consider Cooking Together

Cooking your meal as a team can add to the romance of the evening. You can enjoy great conversation as you work together to prepare food, and your significant other may help overcome any cooking deficiencies you have. You have to tackle the cooking anyway, why not do it together?

After-Dinner Entertainment

Be sure to plan something to do after dinner, so your evening can be extended if you are enjoying each other’s company. A game night, a movie or Netflix marathon, or a stroll around the neighborhood are great options. Consider what you both enjoy doing, and then find a way to enjoy it after dinner is complete.

Dress the Part

Yes, you’re staying in, but that doesn’t mean you should be in your grubby clothes. Dress up like you would for a date. Use the cologne and make-up you would normally wear. You can be a bit more risque in your clothing choices since you’re staying in, but still dress up a bit.

A night in can be every bit as romantic as an evening out, and even more relaxing. Use these tips to dress up your apartment for the occasion!

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