February 15, 2020

Four Tech Tools That Are Essential for HR Departments 

Human Resources (HR) departments are busy places. They handle a long list of tasks and processes. So, anything that can be done to help them to work more efficiently is worth doing.

Below are four tech tools most human resource departments could benefit from buying and using. Some of them, for example, a specialist Human Resource Management System (HRIS) are fairly obvious. But, we have tried to include less obvious suggestions too.

Writing aids

Most HR teams end up liaising with pretty much every department in the firm. As a result, every day, they create a huge stack of documents and emails. This proofreading and editing suite can be used to make sure that everything is clear and easy to understand. 

This is something that is particularly important when producing text that can have an impact on things like health and safety. These instructions must be easy to understand. If they are not, it could lead to an accident occurring. 

A good graphics package

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At many firms, the HR department is tasked with training and educating the staff. To do this job effectively some HR teams create posters. These are used to remind people of important things. In particular, when the way a firm does something changes. A good graphics package will help you to get this job done faster and come up with designs that catch people’s attention and communicate your message. Research commissioned by TechSmith shows that people take in information up to 7% faster when images are embedded in the text.

You can also use your graphics software to create custom images for other types of internal communication. At least when it is appropriate to do so. As you will see, if you read the Techsmith research, focusing on visual communication is a particularly good idea if you have a relatively young workforce.

Video production software

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An HR team that is also responsible for producing the training materials for employees, could potentially benefit from having access to high-quality video production equipment. However, you have to bear in mind that there is a steep learning curve for this. It can take weeks before someone can produce the footage you want. If you only have to create one short video every few years you are possibly better off sticking with hiring a professional to make your training videos.

Dedicated benefits management software

Many firms outsource their payroll and benefits management. If your firm does not it is often a good idea to at least invest in a benefits administration software. Doing so should enable you to put in place a system that will provide you with more ways to incentivize your employees. A benefits scheme that is very good at rewarding the work of your sales team is not likely to be a good fit for your shop floor staff. As a result, you will, often, be better off running two parallel systems. You can find out more about software that will enable you to do this, from this page.

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