November 6, 2019

7 Christmas & Romantic Interior Décor Ideas That Are Anything but Cheesy 

Christmas is the time of love, carrying and tenderness for one another and when everything stops for a moment to celebrate these sentiments. It’s the season of rare opportunities to spend quiet time at your home and cozy up with your partner, so of course, you want everything to be perfect. One of the ways to do so is by creating Christmas and romantic interior decor that will make your home more pleasant and soothing. So, to do so, here are some ideas that are anything but cheesy and will even add some festive elegance to your space.

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  1. Cozy up your sofa

Christmas is a perfect excuse to cozy up your sofa with throw pillows and woolen afghan. They will be perfect to cuddle up with your partner and spend Christmas Eve in PJs watching movies. A softer fabric for the sofa cover in darker tones like purple or green will give your living room a cozier feel. Moreover, this can be your relaxation nook where you can spend holidays far away from stress and work.

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  1. Set the mood with lights

Light has an important role in setting the mood in space. Although Christmas is all about sparkle and blinking lights, there are ways to tone it down and still keep the festive ambiance. Also, create a wall of string lights on the wall behind the sofa so you would get a warm and soft glow in the evenings.

Candlelight is the epitome of romance with its soft glow and also perfect lighting for Christmas. Vintage lanterns will be ideal as candle holders for the nightstand in the bedroom or coffee table in the living room. However, don’t forget to add candles to your Christmas table setting to have dinner in a cozier ambiance.

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  1. Use winter bedding

Linen and cotton were perfect for the summer, but now you need to use winter bedding and make your bedroom warmer. Flannel or jersey sheets are perfect to hold the warmth in and are soft to the touch so you will sleep more comfortably and snuggly. Add a quilt at the foot of your bed so you can use it when the nights are chillier, as well as a nice decoration.

Decorate the bed with lots of pillows and thick comforter with a ruffled bed skirt to create a perfect romantic décor for the Christmas holidays. If you are ready to do some bigger remodeling, add a canopy to your bed or an ornate headboard with plush upholstery.

  1. Go for unconventional colors

While red and green are the most commonly used Christmas colors, other shades will look as equally festive and more romantic. Purple and pink are all about romance and you can fit them into your interior design with toss blankets, lampshades, and other small accessories. Soft shades like peach, beige and mauve are wonderful for walls, curtains, rugs, and furniture since they are neutral enough for anyone’s liking and will soften the space.
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  1. Add softness to your floors

A soft rug in the living room is perfect to sit on and spend a romantic evening in front of the fireplace or the Christmas tree. Even if you lack a fireplace, you can spread pillows on the rug and turn it into a cozy space to open up presents and relax for the holidays. On the other hand, fluffy rugs on both sides of the bed will make the bedroom warmer and relaxing, especially in the morning when the floors are cold.

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  1. Warm-up your doors and windows

How you treat your balcony doors and windows can help with romantic ambiance a lot. Firstly, make the room more comfortable by installing noise reduction doors and windows which will also be better insulated and block the cold air. Pair them up with velvet drapes in Christmas tones like green or red, and you will have a warm and intimate setting for a romantic holiday.

Flower patterns on the curtains will highlight a gentler tone of the room just make sure that the colors fit the rest of the interior design to avoid tackiness. Candlelight on the windowsill and a snow globe are ideal romantic features that will look amazing night and day.

  1. Decorate with flowers

Flowers are one of the most romantic features you can use in your interior design. And even during Christmas, you can create romantic and elegant arrangements to go along with the festive décor. Burgundy faux flowers like peony will go perfectly with pine branches and holly branches in a glass vase for the hallway or the living room.

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Fresh arrangements for the dining table made from white roses, cedar, astilbe, and cotton give a gentle tone to your ambiance and soothing flavor. A lavish bouquet for the living room made of hellebores, red roses, jasmine vine, pomegranates, pink astilbe, and Pieris japonica will bring elegance and delicateness to space.


With just a little effort Christmas can be festive and romantic at the same time. With these interior décor ideas, you can cozy up your space without making it cheesy. After all, Christmas is all about love.

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